We take pride in provision of premium Kenyan and overseas brands with proven life and warranty attached. We sell both maintenance free & Water Based Car Batteries

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Most modern vehicles are outfitted with computer controlled fuel delivery, ignition systems, transmissions, sensors and microprocessors that require a steady supply of controlled electricity to function properly. Without a properly functioning car battery and charging system, your vehicle's performance will be affected. Make sure the battery rating meets at least the minimum cranking amperage (CA or CCA)requirement for your vehicle, if it does not, have your battery checked. Batteries need periodic inspection & cleaning to ensure proper operation The fan/alternator or serpentine belt on your vehicle is an integral part of the charging system. Belts should be inspected for signs of wear and proper adjustment Loose or corroded cable ends may prevent your battery from maintaining a full state of charge Heat causes more damage to batteries than cold weather, but starting a vehicle in cold winter weather puts more strain on it. Visit us for an efficient Car Battery service.

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